Mississippi in New Orleans


Shedding the false narrative.

  I had at first decided to ignore the debacle going on in New Orleans. For almost two weeks I  had seen the exploits of the rainbow Confederates. They had complained about anti Monument protesters throwing things at them and given the history we had with the heritage crowd in general we had decided to give New Orleans a wide berth. 

    I chaulked it up to over exaggeration on their parts, and it seemed pointless to go, wasting resources on a trip as we were guaranteed to be ostracized upon arrival. It was then that I saw the antifa brazenly riding around in military style vehicle and attacking Confederates like Arlene Barnum, who I respect immensely on a personal level. One had even been stabbed, so we packed up & headed South as it appeared we would have the opportunity to not only yell & hold signs, but to finally break the bodies of some actual communists.

    It seemed like everyone was talking about going down there and “giving them what fer” The entire week went by with more of the same from both sides, commies pelting Confederate supporters with slingshots and the ever present call for help from the heritage crowd.

    We arrived with our group, six guys all with serious intent in mind. Almost before we could even check into the hotel the call came in that antifa was using those slingshots again at the Jeff Davis memorial, so we headed over. 

Jeff Davis memorial coming down.

    When we arrived there wasn’t alot of action to be had. A few passersby yelled obsenities. The heritage crowd predictably wanted us to leave when we took out our axes and chains & started throwing bottles at the commies on hand. We didn’t go anywhere however, no the time had passed for letting others dictate our actions. The police on hand became noticably concerned about our presence. Eventually we decided to check out Lee memorial and decide on a plan of attack for the next day.

We were up with the morning light the next day. It seemed like we would finally get to thin the herd on the Southern peoples enemies. We drank our coffee and headed to the rally point to meet up with other groups who had travelled from far and wide.

    The first sign that this would be a huge mess was the arrival of the oath keepers. They are known to side against the very people they supposedly support, at times even siding with groups like the Panthers (nbpp). Which is exactly what they did.

Cuck knight draws the short straw

    Adding to the confusion was a group of California cucks who came to “maintain order”. What these guys did in actuality was tell the Confederates that they needed to fold up our Confederate flags and unite under the American rag. This position earned at least one of them a first class ass-woopin’. 

    The day went on with the oathkeepers deciding to defend themselves if attacked leaving everyone else to their own devices. Good job maintaining order cucks. I can’t help but wonder if they learned anything.

    The main problem was the enormous amount of law enforcement on hand. Even outnumbered as we were, had there not been hundreds of them present you would have seen a real “battle of New Orleans”. So once again the U.S. empire stands in the way of the Southern man. Once again the empire protects our enemies. 

    The real question is when if ever will all of these Southern men quit being afraid? When will being called a racist cease to neuter us as a people.