The Heritage not Hate deception

 For the past few decades there has been a deliberate subversion of Southern culture taking place. A number of groups have made a concerted effort to both embrace Southern history while simultaneously denying the beliefs that nurtured the Southern peoples into one of the greatest civilizations on Earth.

    For these individuals, the truth about race relations in the antebellum South doesn’t mesh well with the precepts of Americanism. The bitter feeling held by most towards egalitarianism and Northern domination is evident in countless documents from the time. The question then becomes, why bastardize  the historical record with a false view of Southern soldiers as an exact copy of today’s inclusive Americans​?  

Excerpt: Miss. Immediate Causes for secession 1861

    At the end of the War the South lie in ruins. The Southern planter had been destroyed along with his crop, the people starved & fell prey to violence. Southern schools had Northern books and Northern teachers to push a social agenda of negro integration & blanket Americanism wether the Southern people wanted it or not. By 1892 children throughout the South were forced to pledge allegiance to the Empire. This was the beginning of our reconstruction into good little Americans. 

    The industrial revolution via the railroads linked the continent like a grotesque patchwork quilt. To the West mass emigration began at a pace unmatched in human history. The South however languished in poverty and oppression. With the Southern peoples conquered there was no check to this influx of non-whites.

    In 1965 Congress passed the immigration and naturalization act which nullified quotas based on country of origin. This would bring even greater numbers of non-whites to our soil. By now our people’s were very nearly completely reconstructed. The political apparatus, the media apparatus, our educational institutions were all extensions of a government bent to an Orwellian agenda of multiculturalism & egalitarianism.

Louisiana SCV issue stand down orders allegedly because of violence. SCV members who refused were heard saying that it was in fact over legal issues arising from a multi-million dollar lawsuit they were engaged in.

    Today we are programmed from birth almost to accept this view of history without question. Groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans & the various flaggers in fact openly reiterate this worldview. They claim the symbols of our ancestors while denying the substance of their convictions.

    These displays are disrespectful to the memory of these great warriors, bordering on collaboration with the enemy in this authors opinion. The usurping of our cultural capital by men who have no concerns for it’s historical significance is beyond immoral, it is at its core desecration.

SCV makes false claims of multicultural South

    With this much diversity, cultural appropriation was to some extent inevitably going to occur. What however is surprising is that our own people shout​ lies to protect not their land nor family but rather their tax exempt status. 

    So what do we do?

    It’s not enough that we are maligned throughout the world. It’s not enough that jokes about our “backwards way of life” abound. Now we have to deal with Southernish men telling us that we have no claim to our own cultural identity based on our traditionally Southern beliefs. If you have any opinion that doesn’t overflow with love for the tyrannical American empire, if you don’t have a pet negro to speak for you; your opinion is irrelevant.

So what do we do?

    What we need to do is take the fight to them. When we arrive to speak our minds so much the better if we take home a handful of traitors teeth. When the 3% Patriots tell us to stow our flags, we should plant the pole firmly in their beating hearts.     They need to understand that they are either with us or against us. They need to understand that if they show their faces in our Homeland it had better be in solidarity or there will be immediate consequences. This was the resolve of our forefathers & it will see us through the long night.