The Heritage not Hate deception

 For the past few decades there has been a deliberate subversion of Southern culture taking place. A number of groups have made a concerted effort to both embrace Southern history while simultaneously denying the beliefs that nurtured the Southern peoples into one of the greatest civilizations on Earth.     For these individuals, the truth […]

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Mississippi’s forgotten Dead

  My memorial day weekend began with a funeral. It amazes me still how someone’s passing can affect so many lives. I watched as everyone interacted, these people who rarely see each other catching up. All with separate lives to lead yet inexplicably linked by blood, they laughed and cried together as family ought do. […]

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Mississippi in New Orleans

     I had at first decided to ignore the debacle going on in New Orleans. For almost two weeks I  had seen the exploits of the rainbow Confederates. They had complained about anti Monument protesters throwing things at them and given the history we had with the heritage crowd in general we had decided to […]

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